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GASCOYNE RIVER BRIDGE DETAILED INSPECTION Gascoyne, WA Client: Main Roads Western Australia Gascoyne River Bridge No. 838 is located on the North West Coastal Highway over the Gascoyne River, in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia, and is owned and controlled by MRWA. The bridge was built in 1931 and consists of 19 equal spans with an overall length of 221m, with simply supported steel I-beams supporting a timber deck and concrete overlay. Gascoyne River is a seasonal river subject to large flood events and the bridge has been overtopped on several occasions. Avisual inspectionof the bridgewas carriedout todetermine the current condition of the bridge, assess the predicted service life and develop various options and alternative maintenance regimes to assist MRWA in determining the short and long-term strategies for the bridge. Deterioration of the steel beams, undermining and corrosion of pier piles and break up of the thin concrete overlay were key aspects assessed as part of the inspection. Options for retention of the bridge for local traffic, pedestrian use and heritage/conservation aspects were assessed. Recommendations on both short and long-term retention of the bridge, together with ongoing maintenance requirements, were presented to assist MRWA with the strategic management of the bridge. BR I DGE MA I NTENANCE BG&E | PAGE 24