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NANUTARRA BRIDGE INSPECTION Pilbara, WA Client: MRWA Gascoyne Region Nanutarra Bridge No. 878 is located on the North West Coastal Highway over the Ashburton River, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, and is owned and controlled by MRWA. The bridge consists of 10 equal spans of 24.4m, with steel I-beams made continuous by bolted splice joints supporting a composite reinforced concrete deck slab. The substructure comprises RC wall-type piers founded on spread footings on rock. A detailed inspection of all structural elements was carried out to assess the structural integrity, safety, performance and current condition of the bridge and to make recommendations for a future management strategy. A review of previous reports was also undertaken. The MRWA underbridge inspection unit was utilised to gain access to all parts of the bridge. Cracks to the underside of the deck slab were mapped and photographed. ORD RIVER DIVERSION DAM BRIDGE DETAILED INSPECTION Kimberley, WA Client: Main Roads WA This particular project was carried out by MRWA by staff members now employed by BG&E. The Ord River Diversion Dam Bridge No. 1242 is a concrete dam structure supporting a bridge crossing the Ord River in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, with ownership and operation split between MRWA and Water Corporation. The bridge deck consists of 20 simply supported spans of precast prestressed concrete T-beams, with lift- out beams to allow access for maintenance to the dam weir gates. Adjacent beams are transversely stressed together with stress bars. A detailed inspection of the bridge structure (deck, beams, piers, bearings, joints and railing) was carried out to assess maintenance requirements. All lift-out beams were raised to allow close visual inspection. All cracks located and widths were measured using aWexhammicroscope and a photographic record of each beam was taken for future reference. Pier elements were accessed by boat for close visual inspection. We work collaboratively with stakeholders to ensure projects are well supported and delivery-ready. BG&E | PAGE 25