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BRIDGE STRENGTHENING We have carried out numerous bridge strengthening and widening projects. In each case, we have investigated the viability of several different options in a bid to establish a cost-effective solution. The use of external reinforcement has been successfully used to strengthen both prestressed and reinforced concrete structures in WA. MAIN ROADS PANEL CONTRACT We have provided bridge design and engineering technical services to Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) continuously under successive various term and panel contracts for almost 20 years. Our partnership with MRWA with term consultancy contracts commenced in 1992 with one of the original one-year bridge maintenance design consultancy contracts covering the inspection and refurbishment of timber and concrete bridges in the metropolitan and southern regions of Western Australia. Since that first contract, we have won successive term contracts to provide ongoing bridge design and engineering technical services to MRWA covering all regions of the state at various times. BR I DGE MA I NTENANCE BG&E | PAGE 26