At BG&E, we recognise the importance of attracting and retaining the best talent and we value their contributions. Together, we demonstrate bravery, curiosity and trust, to help our clients solve complex problems and create sustainable solutions for communities.

We welcome applications from candidates with skills in the following areas: Structural, Civil, Infrastructure, Water, Transport, Materials and Facade Engineering, as well as in office administration.

BG&E is a privately owned engineering consultancy, with more than 50 years of experience in delivering technical excellence, and we are proud of our intelligent, innovative, creative and collaborative teams around the world.

Whether you are taking the first step in your career, or you are an experienced professional, we look forward to hearing from you and understanding how together, we can realise your potential.

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    Professional Accreditation

    We pride ourselves in our technical excellence and the ability to provide our people with rewarding working lives. Recognising that strength lies within the capability of our teams, BG&E encourages the pro-active pursuit of continued professional development. We offer a range of initiatives including in-house technical sessions, knowledge sharing and tangible investments in external programmes.

    We also leverage professional associations, such as Engineers Australia and the Institution of Civil Engineers in the United Kingdom, among others, to ensure our people become Chartered Professionals.

    Graduate Development

    BG&E’s approach to graduate development is comprehensive and consistent. It assists graduate engineers in acquiring the competencies and professional development that is required for transitioning them into high-performing consulting engineers.
    On-the-Job Training 

    By joining BG&E, you’ll have access to experienced technical professionals that will provide on-the-job training, which is necessary to help you achieve Chartered Status.

    Graduates immediately begin work on projects, with the support and guidance of senior staff, and learn the application of Australian and International Codes and Standards, in conjunction with the use of appropriate modelling and design methodologies and software.

    Site Visits 

    Nothing is more exciting than undertaking site visits. From the moment you put on your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), undertake a safety briefing and enter a project site, there’s a feeling of amazement – what you’ve studied, designed and/or modelled becomes real. We encourage graduate engineers to participate in site visits and the feedback is universally positive. Site visits also provide important practical learning experiences to enable engineers to better understand buildability, and that is critical for professional development.
    Engineering Discipline Rotation 

    The flexible and open nature of our business enables graduates to gain experience from different discipline groups – from Buildings, Bridges, Waterways, Civil, Specialist Structures, Infrastructure, Materials, Facades and/or Resources.
    Knowledge Transfer and Teaming

    We frequently conduct internal training seminars to facilitate the transfer of technical knowledge. Our objective is to provide an empowering learning environment for our people to grow, ask questions, test conventional wisdom and contribute their ideas.
    External Presentations, Courses & Networks


    BG&E supports all of our people and in particular, graduates, to attend external presentations and training courses, that are conducted by leading industry associations, research institutions and business groups. This facilitates the enhancement of ‘soft skills’ and also provides opportunities to build networks. The workforce of the future is upon us now, and professionals that have outstanding technical skills, as well as robust ‘soft skills’, will become our next generation leaders.

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    Vacation Work Experience

    We recognise the need to engage with and learn from, the next generation engineering trail blazers. Therefore, each summer, BG&E proudly provides vacation work experience for students, that are about to commence their final year of tertiary study (in Engineering).
    Graduate Employment

    BG&E invites graduates that are eager to join a team that is progressive and inclusive, and provides opportunities for career development, on-the-job experience and a dynamic culture, to please apply.


    To apply for vacation work experience, a graduate position, or to submit an ‘ad hoc’ application, please email a covering letter with your contact details, academic transcript and curriculum vitae/resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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    With nearly 700 people across the globe, BG&E continues to grow and build our talented workforce of engineers, BIM specialists, drafters, digital engineering experts and support staff, to name a few. We strive to provide mutually-rewarding careers for our people and long lasting outcomes for our clients.

    If you are interested in being part of a team that is on a journey to improve society, one project at a time, please send a cover letter with your contact details and your curriculum vitae/resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.